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Edoardo Quarta, together with his brother Gaetano is the fourth generation of roasters of the Quarta Caffè S.p.A. In 2014 it created the “Edo Specialty Coffee” brand of single-origin specialty coffee. It is a tasting coffee characterized by excellent raw materials selected according to strict quality standards starting from the territories of origin; traceable coffee, the history of which is known by thread and by sign. Edoardo Quarta personally controls the specialty production chain from the selection of single origin wines, toasting, taste control and distribution.

Over the years he has visited and selected the most prestigious farmers, spending long periods in the productive realities between Colombia, El Salvador and Panama; after observing and getting to know the raw material and living side by side with those who make that raw material, Edoardo created his brand.
Edoardo Quarta and the "team testers" who are part of the staff have the qualification of Qgrader which is the highest recognition in the international field, a qualification recognized by the Coffee Quality Institute. This helps to create a relationship of trust and synergy with the farmers during the selection and product selection period, creating a virtuous climate of exchange and professional collaboration between roaster and farmer.

As for the production, Edoardo's laboratory is inside the Quarta Caffè industrial plant. Here, the craftsmanship of the roaster dialogues constantly with the most advanced technologies on the world market, so as to offer the highest quality of a single coffee.

The final step sees the customer select the Specialty Coffee which, roasted and packaged in the chosen weight, is delivered to your home through the E-Shop. Eno Quarta Specialty coffee meets SCA international parameters